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Prayer Request: Concentration camps of North Korea (update) Prayer Request: Concentration camps of North Korea (update)

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Concentration camps of North Korea (update) (Apr 2, 2018)

Prayer Request:
=12px[color=#000000]=10ptHi,=10ptnot like I thought,doors of concentration camps are not opening, I thought It's OK maybe take some time,but today suddenly LORD gave me heart,=10ptfor me, it is OK, is not with the prisoners life in danger every second,=10ptso I thought at least once I have to update, document what was changed.[/color] =10pt[color=#000000] [/color] =10pt[color=#000000]=10ptHere is updates of what was changed from the first I sent prayer request [/color] =10pt[color=#000000]=10pt(1)food rationing was reduced from 600g to 300g to almost nothing (2)When Kim Jong-un take on seat,o=10ptn Chinese border CCTV,electric fence was installed,=13.3333pxshoot all the 'crossing borders' =10pttook place,=13.3333pxNumber of defectors decreased in half=10pt (3) 600 missionaries helping defectors in China have expelled ((year 2017)). (4)Mutual surveillance between people became perfection.Have planted one secret police among 7 house holds and perfect block for smuggled cell phone [/color] =10pt[color=#000000](7).During past time tension was built 1 year and few month =13.3333pxwith Trump, =10ptKim Jong-un declared war with 'Anti-government element' =13.3333pxin North Korean territory,=10pt(,=10ptA lot of Christians are arrested,torture for Christians in concentration camps highly increased.[/color] =10pt[color=#000000]=10pt4.And I don't know whether can I add my 'thought' or not,but =10ptin my prayer,possibility of genocide of prisoners come to mind reportedly,=13.3333pxThough surely e=13.3333pxveryday a lot of North Koreans are arrested newly,though Kim Jong-un needs concentration camps. [/color] =10pt[color=#000000] [/color] =10pt[color=#000000]-Conclusion- [/color] =10pt[color=#000000] [/color] =10pt[color=#000000]1.North Korea's situation became tougher,please take into account on your prayer [/color] =10pt[color=#000000] [/color] =10pt[color=#000000]2.=13.3333pxIf peace talk is achieved,=13.3333pxNorth Korea is closed just like that with 'ambiguous peace',=13.3333pxNorth Koreans 'locked'=13.3333px in territory will face 'Huge end ' .[/color] =10pt[color=#000000]All Christians will be arrested,unthinkable number of North Koreans will die under malnutrition,disease.((No matter what kind of political theater and human rights improvement advertises around the w=10ptorld.))[/color] =10pt[color=#000000] [/color] =10pt[color=#000000]=10pt3.Pray without cease.[/color] =10pt[color=#000000] [/color] =10pt[color=#000000]Thank you.[/color] =10pt[color=#000000] [/color] =10pt[color=#000000]=13.3333px[color=#444444]Address : ..801,1603Dong,LH Samsong Apt.,669,Wonheung-dong,Deogyang-gu,Goyang-si,Gyeonggi-do,South Korea[/color]=15px[color=#444444] Phone : 82-70-8258-4660 Email : [/color] [/color]  

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