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Greenup First United Methodist Church Greenup First United Methodist Church

Statement of Beliefs Statement of Beliefs

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Statement of Belief
Greenup First United Methodist Church
607 Main Street
Greenup, Kentucky 41144

United Methodism Enduring Significant

-We believe that Methodism is Christianity with vitality and balance.
-United Methodism is vital because it calls us back to the grace of God in the hearts of our people. 
-United Methodism is balanced because the Bible is the primary source of our understanding of God.
-United Methodism is balanced because we do not understand the Bible on the basis of a single verse or a few selected passages. Instead, we rest our beliefs on the total insight of the Biblical revelation.
-United Methodist is balanced because we understand the Bible as a revelation of God requiring a human response.
-Untied Methodism is balanced because we understand the Bible as confirmed in Christian experience. 

We believe in the Bible

We join all Christian in viewing the Bible as the primary source for Christian belief and conduct. We do not read the Bible because it will improve our cultural background, 
 However, it will do that! We read it because we want to know God’s will and purpose 
 in our lives. 

We believe in God

 -We believe that the one true God is the Ground and Lord of this universe. 
-We believe in one God expressed in three forms that comprise the Holy Trinity—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe in Jesus Christ

 -We believe that Jesus is the Son of God infinite in power, love, and wisdom. 
-We believe that God can forgive us of our sins if we have an earnest faith in Jesus Christ coupled with an earnest repentance of our sins.
We believe in People

 -We believe that God created all people with a mysterious tie and special kinship
 to God.
 -We believe that people are capable of growing in goodness, beauty, truth, and holiness
 with God’s help. 
 -Neither race, culture, sex, age, status, nor any other historical or human factor is to
obscure the sense of the ultimate worth of people. All are all made for God! Christ lived and died for all! The Holy Spirit always takes the initiative to bless and enrich the lives of all people. 

We believe in the Cross

 -We believe that God takes the initiative to draw us into a relationship with Him. 
 -We believe that there is no limit to God’s love.
 -We believe in two sacraments—Baptism and Holy Communion as a means of Grace
 where we enter into an experience with God. 
 -We believe that Baptism is an outward sign of an inward change.
 -We believe that Holy Communion places us in an immediate experience with God
 reminding us of our Baptism and our call to a clean life. 

We Believe in the Forgiveness of Sins

 -We believe in the forgiveness of sins through God’s power.
 -We believe that once God forgives our sins, they are no longer exist in the eyes of 
 God, and we start with a clean slate. 
 -We believe that we are in constant need of forgiveness from God. 

We Believe in Victory Through Disciplined Living

-We believe that our Christian conversion calls us to living a clean life, having the courage to stand for what it right, having patience, self-control and absolute honesty.

We Believe in the Centrality of Love

 -We believe that God’s demands us to love everyone unconditionally.

We Believe in Conversion, Assurance, and Scriptural Holiness

-We believe in conversion wherein we have a new birth and basic change of mind and heart.
-We believe in assurance in which we know and experience that we belong to God.
-We believe in scriptural holiness in which we strive to become more like Christ 
so that our souls are filled with love and purity of intention. 

We Believe in the Church

-We believe it is necessary to attend and support the church because despite its imperfections, it is God’s means of keeping the Gospel alive.

We Believe in the Kingdom of God

 -We believe that God has put us on earth to be trustees of everything in it.
 -We believe in active participation in government.
 -We believe that God calls us to build Christian homes in which God reigns! We belong
 to God and so do our family relationships beginning with the husband-wife relationship.
 -We believe that God calls us to support and build institutions of learning so as advance 
 civilized life.
 -We believe that we are called to seek, understand, and do God’s Will in our lives!

We Believe in life Everlasting

 -We United Methodists join all Christians in affirming the resurrection of Jesus
 and the life everlasting. 
 -We are saved by grace from God and not by good works. However, 
 good works is evidence of our salvation.  

 Some United Methodist Perspectives

-We believe that after we become Christians, we have the freedom to turn from God which is why it is important to stay connected to God so we do not lose our salvation.
-We believe that God offers His love and salvation to everyone. 
-We believe that baptism is the incorporation of a person into the community of faith 
and the local church. 
-We believe that a person can be administered baptism by pouring, sprinkling, or immersion. 
-We believe in infant baptism.
-We believe in an open communion because God’s table is open to all professing Christians. 
-We believe that sin sometimes causes suffering, some by man’s free will, and some by forces that we do not understand. 
-We believe in cooperating with other Christian denominations for the further building of His Kingdom.
-We believe that the laity is an essential component of the church and, thus, called to give spiritual nurture, and to do those things Christ has commanded in their daily lives.  

Statement of Faith of the Greenup First United Methodist Church is adapted from
Major United Methodist Beliefs by Mack B. Stokes, Abingdon Press, Nashville, 1998.