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Posted on Thu, Mar 26, 2020

Churchtrac provides another way to pay tithes

On March 26, 2020, the church treasurer, David Hammond, provided another way for parishioners to pay their tithes and offerings. David connected the Greenup First United Methodist Church to a church online paying site that links with the software program (Churchtrac) the program already uses to keep track of parishioners tithes and offerings. Churchtrac synces with the church giving record already utilized by the church. David said that it cost less to the church than PayPal. PayPal charges 5% of the amount given while Churchtrac charges only 2.9% plus an additional 30 cents per transaction. David said that either PayPal or Churchtrac are both acceptable, but Churchtrarc insures that more money goes to the church. 

As we live in these unchartered waters of the COVID-19, we need to continue to support our church through our tithes, gifts, and offerings. The church expenses such as electric, water, gas, etc. continue to accrue whether we are occupying the church building or not. In addition, we must continue to support our local ministries regardless of whether we occupy the  church building. 

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